There’s A First Time For Everything

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…in which I totally keep my cool at the airport during holiday travel. Outbound at least. No promises for the way home.

It’s never a good sign when there is no security line…you know, because there is such chaos at the check-in desks that no one has made it past Go.

Despite my mother’s best efforts, I have taken after my father when it comes to travel. I generally arrive at the airport just in time to stroll through TSA pre-check (shameless plug…best $85 I’ve ever spent!), purchase a large water bottle at Hudson News (and contemplate People & USWeekly…that’s committing to about $17!!) and saunter into my boarding group line. i.e. Just enough time.

Today was different though. I haven’t seen JD in…a week (is that really it?? It’s been a long week…). I haven’t skied in 2 years (what?!?!). And ALL of my friends have experienced travel disasters in the last 48 hours. I planned. I boarded the pooch last night and called ahead for a cab (best cab driver ever. No joke.) and was at the airport 1 hour and 57 minutes before my flight! 

I was of course greeted by epic lines at the ticketing counters (I think most people were holdovers from yesterday’s delays), but I felt pretty confident. I had clearly chosen the wrong line (bajillion kids, check-in difficulties), but I was steadily moving towards the front. Then, the guy in front of me got a “need agent for further assistance” message on the automated kiosk. But the vast majority of the United personnel running around behind the desk were not, in fact, agents. They were luggage handlers. So he waited. 5-10 minutes probably (I later revised this to 15min for the sake of getting one of the three agents’ attention). I made an attempt to check my bags and encountered the same screen. So after another 5 minutes I managed to flag down an actual agent (“Excuse me! This man has been waiting over 15 minutes for some assistance.”). And yes, in case you were wondering, I definitely was selfishly hoping for some good karma to come my way.

So he got squared away and a few minutes later I got squared away. I hustled over to security and there was NO ONE in line (see above). Breezed through mostly (was randomly chosen for a “hip-to-knee pat-down”…I was wearing leggings. Not much to hide folks.) and remained positive. I clearly deserved a reward, resulting in this:

As well as this:

Of note, that was some seriously delicious applewood smoked bacon! Also, #ilikemygritslikeilikemyicecream #scooped

And in typical airport supply-&-demand fashion:

And then I was off! Next stop, big sky country!

How long?

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Well, I simply can’t take the time to count the days & months (& years…), but it’s been a stinkin’ long time.

So much has happened since…whenever. A move to another great state, a move right back to where I started. And another impending move!

With chief year in full swing, I wish I could say I’ve had more time to reflect on the last 6 years, but mostly I’ve been squandering away time. I matched into a fellowship last spring, so there’s been a certain amount of pressure off of me, not to mention a lot of relief that I have til 2018 enter the real world of full-responsibility & malpractice insurance (not to mention contract negotiations, house-buying, etc etc). There are things that are easier now (as much as I enjoyed it at the time, I would be loathe to repeat intern year), so many things are more-stressful. Paperwork & bureaucracy take up way more of my time than I would like, but I suppose those are necessary evils forever. I certainly ought to be reading a lot more…getting ready for the written boards, memorizing vascular surgery textbooks…but lately I’m just a touch on the unmotivated side. I’m treasuring couch time and dog-snuggles. I keep telling myself I’ll ramp it up in the next few weeks.

As of today, my half-marathon is complete and now I can focus on the real competition–the annual Turkey Day Race! Gotta have goals…

Then on top of all the usual work hoopla, there’s the simple fact that I need a change of scenery. I’ve done the South, New England, Texas, and now it’s about dern time for the Midwest.

This has been a bit disjointed. That’s what happens when you wait this long. But the truth is, I’ve been a bit inspired lately. With blogs like, Hot Heels, Cool Kick, & a Scalpel and C’est Si Bon MD, I’ve been feeling inspired by fellow female physicians (with diverse outside interests) to come back to the blog as an outlet. So here’s to another go at it!

January 15: Sky

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January 15: Sky

I’m cheating. It’s an old picture. But sometimes I just love to run through them and remember how lucky I was to have that view every single morning for as long as I did…

January 14: Motion

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January 14: Motion

I wasn’t technically moving. But it felt like I was.
(DISCLAIMER: yep, this one was from the holiday-time)

January 13: eyes

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January 13: eyes

a bit glowy.

January 12: Far

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January 12: Far

January 11: vibrant

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